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7 ways PR helps secure more sales

If you ask any sales director where the majority of new leads come from they're likely to say recommendation or word-of-mouth. People generally want to have the reassurance of buying from a creditable source, which is why when they do need to buy a good or service, they're turn to the advice of peers, colleagues, friends and family - people they already know and trust. If someone else has had a good experience then they're likely to pass it on to others and likewise a poor experience can have the same viral effect.

So where does PR fit in? Well, after word-of-mouth, PR is the most powerful way in which you can influence buyers because it is 'impartial', it relies on a third party reporting or talking about a personality, company or product. So how does PR complement the sales effort and turn that prospect into a long-term customer?

  • 1. Create recommendations - Using the press and other vehicles such as social media and the web you can let your current customers do the talking for you, acting as living testimonials for your product and/or service
  • 2. Generate initial interest - A positive mention in a well-respected journal or magazine can get people talking about your brand and sharing this knowledge with other potential buyers.
  • 3. Warms up sales calls - It's a lot easier to make that cold call when the recipient has already heard of you. PR can make the sales executive's job much easier and they can refer to recent articles or endorsements such as awards to build credibility and trust 4. Top of mind association - The snowball effect of a PR campaign where you
  • 5. Reassurance - Everyone likes to know that they've made the right choice. If they are hearing good things about you, then that gives them the peace of mind to sign on the dotted line
  • 6. Close that sale – You're almost there and are down to the last two, but the prospect seems to be dragging their heels, prevaricating and looking for a way to differentiate you. Again, PR can make the difference. If the MD or board members see a positive piece of editorial about you it could sway the decision your way. Use PR to constantly maintain contact when a prospect goes quiet, it's more powerful and a lot less pushy than sending a sales message.
  • 7. Nurture up-selling opportunities - On-going PR means that existing customers will be reminded to buy from you in the future bringing in repeat business.

For more information on PR services contact Jane Moores on or call 01225 580214. Remember, PR isn't just about appearing in the press anymore it's also about engaging directly with your prospects via your website, through email, direct mail and across various social networks.