Polar Air sponsors Polar Marathon Success

Coined ‘The coolest marathon on Earth’ the Polar Circle Marathon took place on the 24th October in the remote arctic desert of Greenland and involved over 60 athletes who had to endure 26 miles of sub-zero temperatures, mountain climbs and navigating their way over the snow covered polar ice cap.

Polar Air’s Managing Director Andrew Fitch commented, “This is a terrific achievement and we are delighted to have been able to offer our support for what is such a unique, incredible event and a worthy cause. I have immense admiration and respect for anyone that can tackle this type of challenge, not to mention the strenuous pre-race training schedule.” The last four months saw Carlton and Steve clocking up the distance with an average of 35 miles run every week as well as cross-training and other body strengthening activities such as swimming.

Andrew Fitch added, “Obviously there was a close synergy between our own brand and the location of the race but it’s also good to have the chance to give something back and help one of our most loyal customers raise money for charity. I can also appreciate the appeal of such a daring adventure. Maybe in a few years I’ll be tempted to do the same!”

Carlton commented, “The race itself was most certainly the toughest I’ve ever faced, particularly the mountains and snow which were particularly energy-sapping, but the scenery and general camaraderie of all the competitors made up for the pain. If you want to achieve something special as well as experience a place that is like no other, then I would certainly recommend the Polar Circle Marathon.”

At the start of the race competitors were immediately faced with a 2 mile climb up a snow covered mountain, followed by wading through ankle to knee-deep snow and then straddling the polar ice cap ridge. Still on snow and ice with minus 9 degree temperatures, the remaining 22 miles could thankfully be run in normal training shoes but with clip on spikes. Of the 62 competitors, nearly a third were from the UK. Other nationalities represented included Danes, Americans, Australians, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Austrian, Brazilian, Italian, French and native Greenlanders. Polar Air provided funding for the whole trip as well as providing branded running jackets and hats.

Carlton and Steve finished 28th out of 62 runners with a time of 5 hours 15 minutes.

Helen and Douglas House provides respite and end of life care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions. Carlton added, “I’m fit and healthy enough to do marathons in my late forties which I’m hugely thankful for. This seemed the perfect opportunity for me to be able to show my gratitude and do something tangible to improve the quality of their lives.”